Evers Family Cemetery – San Antonio,Tx

This marker is located at the 7000 block, forest Pine St in San Antonio. This is a quiet Leon Valley neighborhood near Bandera Road in San Antonio, Texas.

Most recent burial – 2016
Anna Wehmeyer- First family member buried in Cemetery
Lot in front of Cemetery
Gate to Cemetery

An empty lot sits in front of this very peaceful cemetery. There was a large tree that just stood out. I wonder how many people have sat on the bench under that large tree.

Large tree at Cemetery
Love this
Evers Family Cemetery

The Historical Marker Reads:

Evers Family Cemetery

Claus (1817-1900) and Johanna (1818-1905) Evers and their children Christian (1847-1915) and Christina (1850-1914) came to Texas from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in1855. They moved here in 1874. This cemetery began on their farm in 1877, when a woman traveling through the area became ill and died at the Evers home. The first family member buried here was Anna Wehmeyer, infant child of the Evers Daughter Christina Evers Wehmeyer Braendle. Several generations of Evers and Braendle descendants are buried here. The cemetery stands as a reminder of the areas Pioneer Heritage (1991)

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