Willis Male and Female College – Willis, Texas

IMG_6492This marker is located at the corner of Rodgers and Thomason St. in Willis. No known photos are available for this original school. This school served all grades and the college. Rev. S.N. Barker, pastor of the Willis Methodist Church, and his wife became the first administrators of the College. A practice at one time of the College was for the janitor to ring the bell, which was a cupola atop the building at a certain hour. This was a signal for all students to retire to the study hall. The property was sold to the citizens of Willis in 1901 and is now the site of the Willis ISD Administrative Offices. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Р1973

The Historical Marker Reads:

Willis Male and Female College

Founded 1888. when coeducation was rare. Willis citizens raised funds for 2-1/2 story building put up by contractor Sidney L. Inglet. Taxes funded three of the six months of school; monthly tuition for rest of year ranged from $1.50 (first grade) to $4.00. First directors — M.H. and S. N. Barker and N. A. Cravens — sold out (1890) to C.H. Stovall and F.P Crow, who in turn sold (1894) to Cyril M. Jansky and Marion Kline. College drew boarding students from wide area, and at least two diplomas were awarded. The plant was sold (1901) to City of Willis for public school purposes.

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