Old Dr. Wm. P. Powell Home – Willis, Texas

This marker is located on the corner of Wood and Stewart St. on the Powell home itself. This was a very disappointing marker to add to my collection. Why do I say that?  Well, what I saw was not what I expected. I know this is only the remaining portion of the home but it should be better kept. There were 2 vehicles parked in the front yard and the porch was full of junk. I know that sounds kind of harsh but I do not think people would even want to stop at this place to learn about its history. Whoever lives there should be required to keep this home presentable. I knocked on the front door and there was no answer so I did not want to take pictures without permission. All I can say is, stick to the information on the internet on this one. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1967

The Historical Marker Reads:

Old Dr. Wm. P. Powell Home

Remaining portion of 13-room house built in 1872 by carpenter Sid Inglet. Powell–a pioneer physician, Confederate veteran–married Miss Mary Eugenia Thompson, 1863, in Waverly; six of their 12 children born here. he traveled by horse and buggy to visit the sick: sued home as office and improvised hospital until his death, Nov. 6, 1915. Purchase in 1946 by Justice of the peace, R.M. Jordy. Site of 119 wedding ceremonies. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1967IMG_6497


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