White Hall School – Navasota, Texas

This historical marker is located on FM 362. If you ever travel Hwy 105 to Hwy 6, consider taking a little short cut (FM 362 to FM 2). The view is beautiful. I would say it is RV friendly. The Original White Hall School was destroyed and I could not find any photos of the school but I am working on it.

The Historical Marker Reads:

White Hall School

As communities were developed by early settlers in Texas, small rural schools were established. Primarily serving farm families, the schools were often closed when children were needed to help harvest crops or perform other farm chores. A number of such rural schools were established in Grimes County. White Hall School opened in 1913, following the consolidation of three earlier schools: East Academy, West Academy, and Retreat. Located at this site, the first White Hall School building was a two-story frame structure. A community gathering place, it hosted civic as well as scholastic activities. Many local residents credit the school with promoting a sense of community when the children of pioneer Anglo families and those of German immigrant families attended classes together during the time of the first World War. After serving the community through the difficult years of the Depression and two World Wars, White Hall School was closed in 1949. The school building was acquired by the White Hall Taxpayers Association in 1954. It was razed and a new community center was erected on the site in 1959.

Recorded Texas Historical Landmark 1989

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