Zion Lutheran Church and Cemetery – Helotes, Texas

This marker is located on 9963 Leslie Road in Helotes. I could not enter the cemetery but I was able to get the pictures I needed. I was very lucky to find the actual tombstone of Anton Gugger who was the the earliest burial in this cemetery. This is a beautiful cemetery. There was also a small cemetery that was next to this one. It was fenced separately. I do not know why.  I walked to the church just to see if I could find someone who would unlock the gate to the cemetery. I approach a nice woman and although she could not get me into the cemetery, she was able to give me some history about the area. She said there are actually 3 churches. (That’s when I located a second Historical Marker I was not aware of) She showed me were they were located and that she was excited about the new church being built. It would contain a very large organ. The other churches were too small to accommodate the organ.  She also told me that the Helotes area was originally owned by only 3 people.

The Historical Marker Reads:

Zion Lutheran Church and Cemetery

The earliest burial in this cemetery occurred upon the death of Anton Gugger, a German Immigrant who was interred on his farmland in 1881. In 1906, Gugger descendants donated this portion of his property to the Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes for the church graveyard. The congregation was organized in the early 1900s to serve the German Settlers in the Helotes area. Many church members and pioneers of the Leon Valley and Culebra areas are buried in the cemetery. Both the graveyard and the congregation reflect the areas German Heritage.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1986

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