Zion Lutheran Church – Helotes, Texas

This historical marker is located on Leslie Road in Helotes.  I found this one by accident when I was speaking to a nice woman about the history of the Zion Lutheran Cemetery. She told me this was the first Zion Lutheran Church (she called it church #1), Next to it is Church # 2 and across the street is the new church that is being built which will accommodate a large organ. These are very beautiful and unique churches.  I think I will stop by again once the new church is complete. I would like to see the organ she was so excited about. When I was walking back to my car I heard what I thought was a church bell. I looked up toward the sound and notice a very large wind chime hanging from a tree. So if you ever stop by, make sure you look for it.

The Historical Marker Reads:

Zion Lutheran Church

Erected in 1906, the Zion Lutheran Church was designed and built by church members in the uniquely American Carpenter Gothic Tradition. Skilled at the construction of houses and barns, the farmers of Helotes created a church building reminiscent of their Native German Countryside. The Central Projecting Tower Entry and Gothic Arched windows, which vary in size, define the facade. A new sanctuary was built in 1950 and the original was restored in1991 using the original wood siding.

Recorded Texas Historical Landmark 1997

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