Chihuahua Trail – San Antonio, Texas

This historical marker is located at the Northeast corner at the intersection of Castroville Rd and Acme Rd. I drove around for about an hour searching for this marker and guess what?  Still didn’t find it. I decided to call the Texas Historical Commission to get a more information. According to the Historical Marker Documents on file, the exact location of the marker is 21 feet east of telephone post at northeast corner of intersection, 7 1/2 feet north of pavement. Pretty exact! I will have to go back again but I really do not think it will be there. I believe it is missing. I will update this post when I conduct one more search of the area. If any one is in the area and comes across it, let me know please. The Texas Historical Commission did send me the original photo of the marker. (see pic below)

The Historical Marker Reads:

Chihuahua Trail

This is route of an old Indian Road, often for Apache and Comanche depredations in Texas. Passed Castroville, Uvalde, Horse Head Crossing on the Pecos; went through presidio into Northern Mexico. In some stretches, water holes were 40 miles apart. Men chewed boots, to slake thirst. At smell of water, oxen ran. Texans’ commercial use began in 1835. Leather, silver, other metals came here over the road in big-wheel Mexican carts. On south to seaports went some of the goods. In the civil war, the route brought rope, hats, shoes, salt other goods to Texas

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 1965



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