Jacob Shannon Evergreen Cemetery – Dobbin, Texas

This historical marker is located on Mt. Mariah Road off of Hwy 105. I have visited a few cemetery’s now and this one, in my opinion, has the most old tombstones. There were types of tombstones that were quite unique. The cemetery is well kept and I wasn’t there long before someone stopped by and asked if I needed help finding something. (Small towns, gotta love them) I have to say, as I was walking around I kinda felt uncomfortable and almost scared. Is that weird? I took my pictures and went on my way.

The Historical Marker Reads:

Jacob Shannon Evergreen Cemetery

Born in Georgia, Jacob Montgomery Shannon (1804-1878) came to Texas at the age of 17, while the region was under Mexican rule. He married Catherine “Kittie” Yoakum in 1823, and in 1831 Shannon receive a league of land in this vicinity, where he built a home and settled with his family. The community that grew up near his plantation became known as Shannon’s Prairie. The cemetery at this site was established about 1840 with the burial of Dock Providence in an unmarked grave.  The two earliest marked graves bear the date 1854. They are for a child, Catherine Hemphill, and for Jacob Shannon’s mother, Margaret Montgomery Shannon (b. 1772). The cemetery came to be used by other residents of the area, and in 1863, Jacob Shannon formally deeded 2 acres of his land for public burial ground, school, and church. Many members of Shannons family are buried here, as are some of his slaves and their descendants, The graveyard also contains the burials of several war veterans. The names on the tombstones in the Jacob Shannon Evergreen Cemetery help record some of the history of this area of Montgomery County. Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 1986

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