Mabin Alexander Anderson – Conroe, Texas

This Historical Marker is located in the Oakwood Cemetery, 1314-1398 East Davis Street. (Lat 30.3159° Long -95.4441°). To be honest with you, I do not know how I found this marker. It was pure luck. This is a large cemetery and I must say I was quite excited when I found it. The Marker is actually the Grave Marker of Mabin A. Anderson.

Mabin Alexander “M.A.” Anderson was born in 1869 and elected “High Sheriff” in 1902-1920.  Anderson was the sheriff for the duration of World War I. He was known for the catchphrase “Go to work, go to war or go to jail.” Reproductions of a World War I-era poster bearing Anderson’s quote are available at the Heritage Museum in Conroe.  He served 18 consecutive years and reportedly never carried a pistol but kept some bullets that were given to him by a friend upon his election.

The Historical Marker Reads:

Mabin Alexander Anderson

(Aug. 6, 1869 – Feb. 3, 1940) Upon winning election as Montgomery County Sheriff, 1902, took office in critical period of the John Winston murder trial. Success led to his serving 18 years. Married Mattie Talley. They had five children.

Marker Year 1968

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