Evergreen Cemetery – Houston, Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 500 Altic Street in Houston. This beautiful cemetery has approximately 6000 graves but it made me so sad. I saw many children’s graves. There are Southerner folk burials, German family burials, and Hispanic grave sites in this cemetery. They are all very unique. There are also Confederate and Union Veterans and Spanish-American War Veterans buried here. This is a very colorful cemetery.

Historical Marker Reads:

Evergreen Cemetery

The Evergreen Cemetery Association organized in 1894 and purchased 25 acres at this site to establish a cemetery. The first recorded burial was that of the infant Nellie Storkes on October 4, 1894. Charles Hooper replaced first sexton Joseph Grenedig in 1898 and served until 1924. He was succeeded by his son, James, during whose tenure (1924-1936) of the original 25 acres were sold. Hooper family members cared for all or part of the cemetery until 1984. Three distinctive ethnic burial arrangements exist here. Southern folk burial sites are often subdivided by families and enclosed by a fence with an arched gate. German families are buried together and their grave stones decorated by fine craftsmanship. Rows of evergreens and crepe myrtles often separate the German sections. Hispanic grave sites tend to be individually situated and decorated with floral arrangements. Among those buried in the cemetery are veterans of conflicts ranging from the Civil War to World War II, city and county officials, and local labor group and fraternal organizational members including the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, and Woodmen of the World. The cemetery is maintained by an association comprised of descendants of people buried here.

Historical Marker Year 1993


2 thoughts on “Evergreen Cemetery – Houston, Texas

  1. Is there a listing of all markers in this cemetery? I did not find it on Findagrave unless it’s one of the ones that is listed.


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