Samuel Paschall – Houston, Texas

This Historical Marker which is a grave marker is located in the St. Vincent’s Cemetery (2400 block of Navigation and St. Charles St), next to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. This is the oldest Catholic cemetery in Houston. There are many unmarked graves and many burials from the 1867 yellow fever epidemic. Many grave markers were destroyed in hurricanes between 1900 and 1915. In 1949, a monument of Texas granite was erected inside the cemetery. “In memory of the fallen hero’s of San Jacinto and Sabine Pass, who lie buried here.” Santa Anna was defeated at the BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO in 1836. During the Civil War Lt. Dick Dowling turned back the northern Navy in 1863 as it tried to invade Texas through Sabine Pass near Port Arthur.

“PASCHALL, SAMUEL–Born in Tuscumbia, Franklin, Tennessee December 8, 1815 and moved at an early age with his parents to Sommerville, Tennessee. In 1835 he emigrated to Little Rock, Arkansas. On January 28, 1836 he arrived at Velasco on the schooner Pennsylvania, having been recruited for the regular army of Texas by Captain Amasa Turner in New Orleans. He was issued Bounty Certificate No. 548 for 960 acres of land December 27, 1837 for having served in the army from February 13, 1836 to June 30, 1837. He was in Captain Turner’s Company at San Jacinto and on May 26, 1838 was issued Donation Certificate No. 227 for 640 acres of land for having participated in the battle. He received a Headright Certificate, dated January 18, 1838, from the Harris County Board of Land Commissioners for one-third of a league of land. This was lost and duplicate No. 402/501 was issued October 19, 1840. In the duplicate it is not stated when Mr. Paschall came to Texas. He sold the certificate July 19, 1847 to Jacob De Cordova. Mr. Paschall could not, at that time, write, but affixed his mark to the deed of transfer.

Mr.  Samuel Paschall settled at Houston and engaged in his vocation of cabinet maker and carpenter. He was married to Bridget O’Reilly at Houston, September 21, 1839.

Historical Marker Reads:

Samuel Paschall

Born in Tennessee in 1815. Private in Captain Amasa Turner’s company at the Battle of San Jacinto. Served in the Texas army from February 13, 1836 to June 30, 1837. Died June 6, 1874. Wife, Bridget O’Reilly.






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