Gruene Cotton Gin – (Gruene) New Braunfels, Texas

This Historical Marker is located on a bluff overlooking the Guadalupe River, the now Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar was the old Gruene Cotton Gin. The Gruene cotton gin processed crops raised by area farmers until the wooden structure burned to the ground in 1922.  All that remains of the water-powered mill today is the three story brick boiler room – now the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar.
I had the opportunity to have lunch at the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar and I must say, I was not disappointed. Check out their Website

Gruene Cotton Gin

Built on the site of an earlier grist mill, the Gruene Cotton Gin was constructed in 1878 by H. D. Gruene. Powered by the Guadalupe River, the gin was steam-operated and served to process the vast amounts of cotton grown in the area, the gin played an important part in the economic development of Gruene, a community dependent upon the cotton crop. The gin was destroyed in a 1922 fire, and only part of the boiler room remains. A new electric gin was built at another location and served the community until the cotton crop was lost to a boll weevil infestation in 1925.

Recorded Historical Marker Year 1989

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