Early Texas Hotels and Inns – Round Top, Texas

Its Sunday afternoon and I am heading towards Conroe Texas from San Antonio. I usually take different routes and today I decided to pass through Round Top. The last time I was through here I was not able to stop at all the markers. Ive said it before and I will say it again. If … Continue reading Early Texas Hotels and Inns – Round Top, Texas


The Leake Building – Navasota, Texas

This historical marker is located in downtown Navasota. This building reminds me of another one in Navasota I just finished adding to my blog. The Mickelborough Building  This building is presently being used by a Law Firm.   I just love how this town is kept so neat and clean. I wish there was more … Continue reading The Leake Building – Navasota, Texas

Mickelborough Building – Navasota, Texas

This Historical Marker is located in Downtown Navasota. This building along with others in this town where destroyed by fire in 1865 when a warehouse filled with cotton and gunpowder exploded after it was torched by disgruntled Confederate veterans. The blast killed at least 8 people.   The side of the building shows some of … Continue reading Mickelborough Building – Navasota, Texas

The Old First National Bank of Navasota – Navasota, Texas

Well moving on to a new town. Now I'm passing through Navasota. This town is full of history. I cant believe how many historical markers are here. Everywhere I look there's a marker. I'm in heaven. Its a rainy day coming through this town but I managed to get pictures before another down pour. Looking around, I … Continue reading The Old First National Bank of Navasota – Navasota, Texas