Mountain Valley School – New Braunfels, Texas

This Historical Marker is right off the highway on 14300 River Road. The school was located on this one acre site for 83 years. The school averaged 15-30 students per year and Grades 1-8 were taught by one teacher. The building was used for community religious activities as well. This is pretty much an empty lot. I am not sure if the fountain and well in the photo were part of the school or not. There was also a structure to the far left. Not really sure what that was. I did find some interesting historical information written by Alton J. Rahe  that shows black and white photos of the school.

Historical Marker Reads:

Original Site of Mountain Valley School

Original site of Mountain Valley School The original Mountain Valley School was located at this site for 83 years. In 1874, Carl and Matilda Marschall sold one acre to Fritz Krause, Fritz Pantermuehl and Joachim Pantermuehl for use as a school. The nearby Jacobs Creek School joined the new school in a one-room log cabin, which served from 1874 until 1883, when it was converted into a teacherage and a new school, which also served as a church meeting place, was built. In 1956, the county reorganized the school district, closing the small, rural schools that had served their communities for decades. The district sold this property in 1962.

Historical Marker Year 2002

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