Old City Cemetery – La Grange, Texas

This Historical Marker is located in La Grange, Texas. The town of La Grange was hit by Yellow Fever in 1867. The town lost 204 people to this epidemic. Many deaths went unreported. Bodies were rudely prepared for burial stood in a pile within the cemetery fence. Some burials have six to seven bodies to a grave.

By 1872 the cemetery was a wilderness of grass and weeds; hogs and cattle were frequent trespassers which destroyed many tombstones. No one ever thought of visiting the cemetery except to bury another pilgrim. On April 17, 1873, fourteen ladies met and organized the Ladies Cemetery Association. It was the first such chartered organization in Texas. These women raised money and replaced the wooden fence surrounding the site with an iron fence in 1883 at a cost of $2,531.51 which was obtained by receiving from the city all monies received from the sale of lots.

One of the most notable persons buried here was one of the first owners of the cemetery property, James Seaton Lester. Born in 1799, a San Jacinto veteran, and a member of four Republic of Texas Congresses.  He died on Dec 1 1879.

There are many old and unique tombstones in this cemetery. One that really stood out was the “Little Nellie Mann” grave site which has a shelter around it and it had a stuffed animal that was left by someone. Something about childrens graves that just hit me.



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