Asa Hill of Rutersville – Rutersville, Texas

This Historical Marker stands right next to the Rutersville Historical Marker off of Hwy 159.  Hill traveled to Texas about 1834 with his son William Carroll Andrew and his nephew Isaac Lafayette Hill, and in 1835 he moved his wife and family to Texas. In 1842 Hill and two of his sons, Jeffrey Barksdale and John Christopher Columbus Hill, joined the Somervell expedition and later the Mier expedition. All three men were captured.


In the Black Bean Episode, which followed the Texan prisoners’ brief escape en route to Mexico City, Asa Hill drew a white bean and thus was spared execution. He and his son Jeffrey were held with the other Texan prisoners at Perote prison until late in 1843, when the Hills were released after John Christopher Columbus’s successful appeals on their behalf to generals Pedro Ampudia and Antonio López de Santa Anna. Weakened from his long prison stay, Asa Hill died on July 15, 1844. He was originally buried in Cedar Creek Cemetery but in 1975 his remains were re interred in the Old City Cemetery – La Grange, Texas


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Historical Marker Reads:

Asa Hill of Rutersville

Born in Martin County, N.C. Married Elizabeth Barksdale in Georgia, Oct. 6, 1808. Came to Texas 1835. In army in 1836, was sent by Gen. Houston to warn people in enemy’s path. Settled here 1839. In 1840, enrolled eight children in Rutersville College. With sons Jeffrey and John C.C., joined the 1842 expedition to Mier, Mex.; captured, he drew a white bean — thus escaped death, but was in prison until Aug. 1843. Jeffrey was wounded, captured, likewise imprisoned. John C.C., then 14, was adopted by Gen. Santa Anna.

Asa Hill died here; was buried on Cedar Creek, off SH 159.

(incise on back of marker)
In Memory of Jeffrey Barksdale Hill, son of Asa Hill; William Carroll Jackson Hill, son of Asa Hill; James Monroe Hill, son of Asa Hill; Asa Collinsworth Hill, son of Asa Hill; John Christopher Columbus Hill, son of Asa Hill; Lucy Amanda (Hill) Jones, daughter of James Monroe Hill; Frank Webb Hill, son of James Monroe Hill; George Alfred Hill, Jr., grandson of James Monroe Hill; Thomas Lindsay Blanton, great-grandson of Asa Hill.



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