The Lewis J. Wilson Building – Navasota, Texas


This Historical Marker is located on a building on Washington Avenue. If you are driving through Navasota just look around at all the buildings, you are bound to come across a marker. This town has Historical Markers to visit and  places to do some shopping so its worth stopping by.


Lewis J. Wilson along with several others were the first merchants to establish businesses in Navasota which helped build this town.



Historical Marker Reads:

The Lewis J. Wilson Building – Navasota, Texas

A native of Connecticut, Lewis J. Wilson (1832-1895) moved with his parents to Grimes County in 1851. His father Samuel opened a general merchandise business in Anderson. Lewis managed the store until 1861 when he left to serve in the Civil War. After the war he returned to Anderson and opened a mercantile store in partnership with W. R. Howell and John Quincy Yarborough. They completed construction of this brick building in 1871 for a second establishment. Wilson was the sole proprietor by 1881 and continued to manage the business until his death.

Recorded Historical Marker Year 1980


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