The Old First National Bank of Navasota – Navasota, Texas

Well moving on to a new town. Now I’m passing through Navasota. This town is full of history. I cant believe how many historical markers are here. Everywhere I look there’s a marker. I’m in heaven.


Its a rainy day coming through this town but I managed to get pictures before another down pour. Looking around, I notice I am not the only one taking pictures of Historical Markers. So first one I come across is the Old First National Bank of Navasota. This building is so well kept. I hate that I came on a Sunday because it was closed and I could not go inside.

The First National Bank Of Navasota in Texas which opened in 1890 printed $997,110 dollars worth of national currency. It stopped printing money in 1935. That’s pretty impressive. If any one has any of the 8 different types of currency that were printed from this bank during its 45 year lifespan, you may have some valuable money on your hands.

Historical Marker Reads:

Old First National Bank of Navasota

Local architect, contractor and stonemason James Davern and his brother-in-law C. C. Camp built this commercial edifice in the 1880s. Constructed of cement-covered stone rubble, it was remodeled with Renaissance Revival detailing in the 1890s, during the ownership of the First National Bank of Navasota. Occupied by the bank until 1952, it has also housed a hotel, offices, a telephone company, and a variety of stores.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 1981


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