The Giesel House – Navasota, Texas


This Historical Marker is located at 113 Railroad Street in Navasota right by the Rail Road tracks. I just love the looks of these old buildings. This little strip of buildings are old and just have so much detail. It  really looks like buildings out of a movie or something. This building was a restaurant and a hotel at one time. 159169One of the front doors was open and it was so difficult for me not to go inside but I hesitated because there were too many people driving around and I just didn’t feel like going to jail for trespassing. Not today haha


The Giesel House is the oldest commercial building in Navasota. A lot of the paint is fading and the two large bushes in front are overgrown. As I walk down the sidewalk I almost have a feeling of being in another time. Makes me wonder how many people have come in and out of this building. I may have to go back to this building. I just have to look inside!


Historical Marker Reads:

The  Giesel House

Situated near the Houston & Texas Central Railroad Depot, this three-story stone building was erected in 1860 by R. H. Giesel (1833-1872) and his German-born wife Fannie (1828-1881) to house a restaurant and hotel. A two-story frame porch originally extended across the front of the structure. Giesel, a Confederate veteran, served as temporary mayor in 1867, when a yellow fever epidemic struck Navasota. Fannie Giesel renamed her restaurant “The Good Morning John” in 1871. She managed the business until her death in 1881. Later owners operated the hotel as “The Exchange” and “The Hoyle”.

Recorded Historical Marker Year 1977

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