Round Top Community- Round Top, Texas

This historical marker is located in downtown Round Top. It is behind the  Early Texas Hotels and Inns Historical Marker. 

You will also come across this Stone Memorial dedicated to the pioneers of Round Top. There are always people walking around this area. There is a lot to see in the Henkel Square Market. There are historical cabins, lots of shopping and food. You can also visit another one of my Markers for more shopping information Replica of Saxony Home of Carl Siegismunde Bauer – Round Top, Texas



031Historical Marker reads:

Round Top Community

Home of the Townsends, Hills and McH. Winburn, veterans of San Jacinto Joel W. Robison one of Santa Annas captors, John Rice Jones, First Postmaster General Republic of Texas and John C.C. Hill, boy captive of Mier expedition and adopted by General Santa Anna.

A center of German Culture and crafts of 19th century. Examples Nassau Plantation, Art of Mathias, and Rudolph Melchior. Rev. Adam Neuthards Schools, Stone Masonry of Carls Bauer, Lutheran Church with Wantkes Homemade Organ and S.K. Lewis Stage Coach Inn.

Recorded Historical Marker Year 1966


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