Helotes – Helotes, Texas

The Helotes Historical Marker is located at 14464 Old Bandera Rd, right next door to Floore’s Country Store. The Gugger Homestead Historical Marker is also located in this very spot. Helotes is located approximately 20 miles Northwest of downtown San Antonio. The Helotes name actually means “corn-on-the-cob,” in Spanish.  Corn has played a great part in the heritage of Helotes. In 2013, Bloomberg BusinessWeek named Helotes as the Best Small Town in Texas to Raise Kids.  008

Downtown Helotes is known as Old Town Helotes and attracts people from all places. This is a great place to spend a day shopping and eating great BBQ.064

When you enter Helotes you will come across a Bed and Breakfast, Winery, and various shops to stop at. 070





One of the most famous places to stop is Floore’s Country Store. This is were Willie Nelson and other famous country singers still perform.


Recorded Historical Marker Reads:


According to archeologists, human occupation of the Helotes area dates to about 7000 years before present, when small bands of Nomadic Indians who migrated sesonally in search of food and game camped in this vicinity.

Early Texas Pioneer John M. Ross acquired title to the land here in 1836, purchasing rights to a republic of Texas land grant from Almazon Huston, Quartermaster general of the Republic of Texas Army. In 1852 Ross sold the property to Thomas Devine and Francise Giraud, who formed a partnership to survey to land and sell it in smaller plots. In 1858 Dr. George Frederick Marnoch purchased the land which later became the townsite of Helotes.

The town of Helotes developed around the home and Mercantile Store of Arnold Gugger, who purchased property from Marnoch’s heirs in 1880. Gugger became postmaster in 1888, and in 1908 sold his land to Bert Hielman, who opened the Town’s first dance hall.

Many farms and cattle and sheep ranches were established in the area. Helotes became a popular stop for a cowboys driving cattle to auction in San Antonio. Many descendants of early settlers still live in the area.

Recorded Historical Marker Year 1992

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