B-Daddy’s Barbeque – Helotes, Texas

Before collecting my last Historical Marker in Helotes, I decided to try out a local restaurant. I came across B-Daddy’s Barbeque located at 14436 Old Bandera Rd and I am glad I did. I had never heard of B-Daddy’s Barbeque before but something about the place just caught my eye. It had a nice country feel when I walked up to the large wrap around porch.


I walked in and was immediately welcomed by these guys. How could you not feel welcomed with these smiling faces. 102 (3)

This place was busy and I couldn’t help but notice how they served there meals. A tray is put in front of you and then a piece of butcher paper is laid on the tray. You order and your meat items are simply put on the paper. I thought that was pretty neat.

Meat Menu

Nice Variety

Being my first time here I really didn’t know what to order. I decided to order the special which was a Loaded Baked Potato. One of the guys at the counter told me, “This is your first time here and your going with the Baked Potato”? I then asked what he recommended even though I was still taking the Potato. 103

He recommended many menu items but really stressed the Pork Chop. I decided to add a few more things to my tray.  So I started out ordering the potato and ended with the potato, thick pork chop, pulled pork, and brisket. I just had to try them all!106

I must say, the pork chop was a hit with me. It almost melted in my mouth. So full of peppery flavor I had to take an extra one to go. The pulled pork and brisket were also wonderful. Add some of B-Daddy’s Barbeque Sauce (my personal favorite was the spicy one) and you’ll come back for more. Of course I couldn’t eat everything but trust me, none of it went to waste.

107 Finally the potato, well it was HUGE and delicious. It had lots of seasoned meat and cheese on it. Its a meal all by it self.

The restaurant was clean and had everything you needed to make your meal complete.

They even sell Koozies and shirts with B-Daddy’s Logo



119After my meal I stepped out back to see the outdoor area of the restaurant. The back porch has a relaxed feeling. Makes me feel like buying a beer and kicking back on one of these chairs.


B-Daddy’s provides live music so I may have to come back when there is a concert. If you have never been to see a live band out in country, you are really missing out on a great experience. 111

Outside bar area with plenty of seating


So how would I rate B-Daddy’s Barbeque? The service was great, food great, the atmosphere was great.

From my own “made up” Rating Scale of  1 – 5 Historical Markers:




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