Scenic Loop Playground – Grey Forest, Texas

This Historical Marker is located in front of the Grey Forest Fire Department at 18515 Scenic Loop Road. Grey Forest is a quiet city far enough away from the San Antonio  and less than 20 minutes from the modern world shopping and restaurants. 076

When I read this marker I was looking for something more. I thought there was some tucked away resort only to be enjoyed by adults. From what I got out of the research, its pretty much just a rural community. 077


Historical Marker Reads:

Scenic Loop Playground

Businessman E.N. Requa developed Scenic Loop Playground on 320 acres north of San Antonio as a rural recreational resort within easy commuting distance from the city. Requa intended the area to be used as a retreat from the stresses of modern life for middle class workers by offering recreational opportunities in a natural scenic setting along the convergence of Lee and Helotes Creeks. Natural features of the area included small lakes used as swimming pools, a lake for boating and fishing, and live oak trees draped with Spanish moss in an area known as Grey Forest. Requa set aside acreage for use by residents as bridle trails, athletic fields, tennis courts and pocket parks. Scenic Loop Road divided the development into two sections, Unit No. 1, opened for sale to the public in 1929, contained small lots to be used as campsites. One year later, Unit No. 2 opened with larger lot development, offering opportunities for the boarding of horses and other livestock. Many of the structures in the development were built from native materials. The 1929 Stock Market Crash and ensuing depression slowed Scenic Loop Playground’s rate of development. Soon, its character changed from recreational to year-round living. In 1934, Requa signed over common property in the development to the Scenic Loop Playground Club to manage for the benefit of residents. Lodges and lots continued to be sold into the 1940s. Soon, the transformation of the former recreational area into a rural community was complete, and in 1962, Scenic Loop Playground incorporated as the City of Grey Forest.

Recorded Marker Year 2007


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