Today The People of Texas are Historical Markers – Houston and Surrounding Cities, Texas

Many heroes from around our great state have come to help the people that are still in desperate need of being rescued in Houston and surrounding cities. I am presently north of Conroe where people were being evacuated just yesterday. I am safe. My family and friends are safe. Many people are in shelters and have nothing but the clothes on their back. To hear of all the citizens coming out in their private boats, jet skies, and 4X4’s to rescue people just makes me proud to be a Texan. They don’t have to risk their own lives for strangers but they are out there doing it. People are scared but they are strong. Houston will recover better than ever. For those of you who are risking your own lives out there for your neighbor, you are today’s Historical Markers representing our great State of Texas. Thank You!

These are just some of our Heroes and photos of this historical flooding

We were all told to prepare so we did
Sinkhole in Rosenberg



National Guard to the rescue
Elderly Home- Don’t worry, they were rescued and are safe


Somerset Volunteer Fire Department coming to help- Thanks Somerset! (My home town)


Rescuing mans best friend



Please share this posting so these Heroes know they are greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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