Staacke Brothers Building – San Antonio, Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 309 E. Commerce Street in Downtown San Antonio.  This site originally belonged to the First Presbyterian Church but was purchased by August F. Staacke (1825–1909) in 1869.  In 1894, James Gordan designed a Renaissance Revival three-story red sandstone and pink granite building that included a basement.   The carriage trade portion of August Staackes successful mercantile business was sold to his sons August, Rudolph and Herman, which officially became known as the Staacke Brothers in 1889.



The marker is located in the parking lot next to the building and is easy to miss054062

That tree is really in the way

Historical Marker Reads:

Staacke Brothers Building

Designed by prominent Texas Architect James Reily Gordon (1864-1937), this structure was built in 1894 to house the successful Carriage business of German immigrant August Frederick Staacke (d.1909). An excellent example of the architecture of a developing commercial society, the Staacke building exhibits elements of the classical and renaissance revival styles. It features granite Corninthian columns and a two-story arcade.

Recorded Marker Year 1984

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