Methodist Parsonage – Montgomery, Texas

My next stop is Montgomery, Texas.  Looks like there may be over 40 historical sites in this area.  I have been in this area before and during that time I did collect two markers. The first was Dr. Charles B. Stewart and the other was Montgomery Memorial Cemetery. These were very interesting Historical Markers and I cannot wait to learn more about Montgomery.

The Methodist Parsonage Historical Marker is located at 705 College Street. This is a very beautiful Pre-Civil War home which was built in the 1860’s but as you can see, it is very well preserved. The west wing of this house was actually constructed in the Willis, Texas but was relocated here in 1977.

When the first (1842) parsonage was destroyed in 1886, the church bought this house to use as their second parsonage.



I just love the steps and railing leading to the porch. 048

Not sure who is pictured in this photo below, but it seems like the home has not changed much. 20150428_002216~2

Historical Marker Reads:

Methodist Parsonage

In one of first charges to be established in Texas (1838) in time of the Republic. First Montgomery parsonage was first built by any Protestant church in Texas. This second Montgomery parsonage was bought in 1886. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

Historical Marker Year- 1965

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