Town of Montgomery Centennial Monument- Montgomery, Texas

In 1936, to commemorate the centenary of Texas Independence, several monuments were erected by the State of Texas in Montgomery County, Texas. The Town of Montgomery monument is located in front of the Montgomery Community Building near downtown Montgomery on the site of the first Montgomery County courthouse on SH 149 two blocks north of SH 105. There are also two other Historical Markers located on this property. 067

Since this was the location of the first Montgomery County courthouse there is a jail displayed on the site. The jail was in operation from 1855-1889


Montgomery County Jail (1855-1889) The jail was built by Pauly Jail Company in St. Louis Missouri. The cells were in a wooden one room building that sat next to the courthouse which is located on this lot. The cells were moved down to the railroad depot after the courthouse was moved to Conroe. The cells remained at the railroad until being moved to its present location in 1981 by A.E. Smallwood of the Montgomery Civic Association.


This location is worth visiting. You can  find a lot of history about Montgomery within walking distance.


Texas Centennial Monument Reads:

Town Of Montgomery

Founded in July 137 by W. W. Shepherd incorporated in 1848 Montgomery County was created December 1, 1837. James Mitchell, Pleasant Gray, William Robinson, Elijah Collard, Charles Barnett, Joseph L. Bennet, Dr. B. B. Goodrich, D. D. Dunham and Henry Fanthrop, Commissioners selected Montgomery as the County seat and it remained as such until 1889

Important Trade Center before the Civil War

Erected by the State of Texas

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