Montgomery United Methodist Church – Montgomery, Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 309 Pond Street in Montgomery. It is listed as the “site” of the Old Montgomery United Methodist Church.  In Jan. 1839, the Rev. Isaac Strickland organized a Methodist Church whose members soon built a log meetinghouse on this site

 In 1842, it was voted to build a parsonage which was said to be the first parsonage built in Texas.

092There is a stone monument  in the Old Methodist Cemetery (next the present church) that shows the original Methodist church was organized by Littleton Fowler in December 1838. Isaac L. G. Strickland would become the first Pastor in 1838 but would be replaced by Joseph P. Sneed in March of 1839 following Stricklands death.129

These are the messages on each of monuments sides in memory of the Pioneer Circuit Riders.


127When Pastor G. W. Rabb was dying in 1851, he requested burial beneath the altar of the frame church then being built to replace the log cabin. His grave and a monument commemorating pioneer circuit riders now (1976) mark the original Methodist Church site.126The present church, Living Savior Lutheran Church, which is still in service today was constructed in 1908. This church sits right next to the Montgomery Baptist Church Building – Montgomery, Texas 088The beautiful stained glass windows with their pointed arches really show the Gothic Architecture of the building.


These windows can be viewed on all sides of the church.


Historical Marker Reads:

Site of Montgomery United Methodist Church

Isaac L.G. Strickland established a Methodist congregation in Montgomery in 1838, under the direction of Elder Littleton Fowler of the Mississippi Methodist Conference. The church was one of the first in the Republic of Texas; Strickland was assigned all the territory between the Brazos and Trinity rivers, making his headquarters in Montgomery. Four early circuit riders are buried in the adjacent Old Montgomery Cemetery, site of the first sanctuary. Montgomery United Methodist Church built two more sanctuaries here in 1852 and 1908 before moving to a new location in 2002.

Historical Marker Date 2008

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