The Oaks – Montgomery, Texas

This home is located at 202 Prairie Street and is listed as a Texas Historic Landmark. It is now called the Oaks of Montgomery Antiques and Consignments.


Two-story, frame, rectangular vernacular; gable roof; attached porch in center of front is supported by four fluted Doric columns; double front doors with transom and sidelights; windows 6/6 with inappropriate shutters; kitchen wing removed and one-story shed addition added in 1970s. It has an exterior brick chimney on both ends of the home.



The house was built for Judge N.H. Davis in 1872. He was a prominent lawyer in the county in the early years. Thomas Godden drew the plans for the house, and John Bishop, a local builder, built it. Horse races were held for several years in the fields behind the house.

The Architect/Builder is Thomas Godden and John Bishop. The last recorded owner was Colonel Bates Griffith (1980).

If antiques are your thing, this place is a “must see”. When you go into this house the very nice people that work there will give you a brief history about the house. They told me that only the front portion of the home is the original part of the home.
There are items in every corner of this home. There is so much to see. I’ve already gone to look around twice.
The original well can still be seen. It sits on the side of the home.


Texas Historic Landmark

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