The Pampell Opera House – Kerrville, Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 701 Water Street in Kerrville. John L. Pampell purchased this building in 1901 and shortly after, he began to remodel the second floor into an opera house which sat 450 people. 060The remodel included an inside stairway to the first floor so theater patrons could purchase drinks and snacks during intermission.

indexThe remodel would last for seven months before the grand opening of the first production in March 1902. The concert event featured Samuel Sieger, one of the greatest Mandolin players in the world. The admission to the concert was .50 cents.  Samuel Sieger performance (Take a listen)



Due to the large seating capacity, The Pampell Opera House was used for the graduation classes of Tivy High School in Kerrville from 1902 through 1910. The Opera House showed almost entirely motion pictures after 1910 due to the decline of travel shows an local talent. The building is now for sale.


Historical Marker Reads:

The Pampell Opera House

Originally a frame structure, this building was completed about 1895. It housed the M. V. Gregory Hotel and Store when local merchant John L. Pampell (1871-1958) bought the site in 1901. He converted the second floor into a 450-seat auditorium and used the ground floor for the manufacture and sale of candy, ice cream, and carbonated drinks. The Pampell Opera House became a popular site for plays, concerts, traveling acts, and various civic functions, but by the 1920s movies began replacing the live shows. Traces of the opera house are still evident inside the building.

Recorded Marker Year 1981

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