Arcadia Theatre – Kerrville, Texas

This Historical Marker is actually considered a Texas Historic Landmark and is located at 717 Water Street in Kerrville.  The Arcadia opened its doors in June 29, 1926. It closed its doors in 1988. The theater seats 338 on the main level and 120 in the balcony. I cannot believe there have been talks to re-open this theater for the last 30 years.067 (2)Some of the entertainers who performed here were Will Rogers, singer Elvis Presley, musician Liberace, and comedians Bob Hope and Jack Benny.069                              Newspaper articles that are posted on the window.

Its sad to read about why this Theater has been closed for so many years now. It was involved in a lawsuit that lasted for years. The present owner has been restoring it and that also has been a process that has lasted for years. Someday maybe this theater will open its doors again. 064 (3)Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Reads

Arcadia Theatre

The Arcadia Theater was originally constructed in 1926 in a Spanish Mission Style and later renovated in the Art Deco style. The Art Deco additions included decorated ribs and neon sign on the buildings front as well as curved ceilings and recessed lighting in the entry. A stucco remnant of the Spanish Mission is still visible over the front entry. The Arcadia Theatre was purchased by Carmen M. Avery in 1991 and donated to the city. Jane Ann Preddy was an architectural historian who specialized in theatre architecture. Through a bequest from her estate, Ms. Preddy hoped to advocate the preservation of historic theatres built before 1970. It was her desired to help preserve, disseminate information about, and foster appreciation of the architecture of these historic theatres. Ms. Preddy was the founder of Architecture on Stage, a foundation for the study of New York theatres, and an expert on the work of John Eberson, who designed many theaters.

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