Historical Marker Vagabond – Texas

During my travels I stop at historical markers to read about the history. I decided to take as many pictures about the marker, do some research, and then share my findings in my blog.

According to the Texas Historical Commission, Historical markers in Texas have been around since the 1890s. Before the 1950s the state placed about 1,100 exposition buildings, memorial museums, statues, and granite and bronze markers and monuments around Texas.

Then in 1962 the state began putting up aluminum markers. There are over 16000 historical markers in Texas, more than any other state marker program in the U.S.  I know I will never get to see and blog about all of them, but I plan to add as as many to my collection as possible.

My First Historical Marker – Evers Family Cemetery

Historical markers are categorized under one of three types. The first type are Recorded Texas Historic Landmark markers. These mark buildings and structures in Texas that have historical AND architectural significance. Some of these buildings are so neat.

064 (3)

The second type of marker is the Historic Texas Cemetery marker. These markers markers have a different seal on the top of the marker made especially for designated Historic Texas Cemeteries.

The third type of marker are subject markers, and they cover all other types of markers: communities, events, individuals, schools, sites, church congregations etc. These markers are a little different from the other types of markers because the do not carry any type of designation or protection over the site.  They are placed for educational and tourism reasons.


Historical Marker in front of  Floore Country Store

I’ve also come across a fourth (unofficial) type of marker. This one is called a “Histerical Marker” issued by the “State of Mind Histerical Committee”. When I found this marker I had to look at it twice. I still took pictures and still did my research. And here’s what I found out. Pretty funny.  State of Mind “HISTERICAL” Committee – ONLY IN TEXAS!


So there’s my story. I must admit, history did not interest me in high school and I barely passed history in college. I know now how important it is to preserve our local history. I wish I would have recognized the importance earlier. People actually took the time to make sure the history is not lost by going through the process of setting up a Historical Marker.  They didn’t want their story erased and neither do I.  So if you are into Texas History please follow me and feel free to comment about your experiences as well.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Happy Travels!


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