Notre Dame Catholic Church – Kerrville, Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 909 Main Street in Kerrville.  In March, 1889, a small band of Roman Catholics in Kerr County formed and erected a small wood frame mission church called St. Mary of the Assumption. Not really sure why the website and other research states that the founding date of the church was March 20, 1889 but the historical marker states 1892. Regardless this church and the school are pretty old.077                                                This church is very beautiful. 072                                            The bells are located at the side of the church.074075        This church continues to grow and is a big part of the Kerrville Community and its history.078Historical Marker Reads:

Notre Dame Catholic Church

Originally organized in 1892 as a mission named St. Mary of the Assumption, it became a parish church in 1911 under Father Henry Michael Kemper. He moved the church to its permanent location soon after and established a school. In 1915, the church sponsored Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School to serve Hispanic Catholics; they merged with Notre Dame in 1955. When a new church was built in 1935, the name was changed to Notre Dame. A social center was built in 1979 and a larger church building in 1990. Members have reached out to the community through a jail ministry, food pantry, free medical clinic and a host of other volunteer ministries. Today, the church continues to play a vital role in Kerrville.

Recorded Marker Year 2010

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