Captain Charles Schreiner – Kerrville, Texas

These Historical Markers are located at 216 Earl Garrett St. in Kerrville, Texas. 084

Being the eldest son, Charles Schreiner was given the responsibility of caring for the family at age 14 when his father Gustave Schreiner died in 1852. In 1854 he joined the Texas Rangers in an effort to protect his family from Indian raids. He also served as a captain for the Confederacy during the Civil War.


In 1869 he moved to Kerrville, and with the financial aid of August Faltin he went into the general merchandising business. Ten years later he would own all interest in the business. The sales of the general merchandise store alone reached $600,000 in 1919 and $1,000,000 in 1945. That was a large amount of money in that day.

The Charles Schreiner Company, extended its activities to include banking, ranching, and marketing wool and mohair. By 1900 the Charles Schreiner Company owned more than 600,000 acres of land.

The bank was operated from the merchandise store but in 1893 the business was so large that he would establish the Charles Schreiner Bank.

At the time of his death on February 9, 1927, Schreiner held many positions in banking and railroad companies in addition to his Kerrville enterprises.088

The second marker is located by the front double doors. In 1879, Schreiner hired Alfred Giles, one of the leading architects of the day to design this home. In 1895 Giles was called again to add the grandiose porch across the front in the Romanesque style of the day. 090091After Captain Schreiner’s death in 1927 the mansion was sold to the Kerrville Masonic Lodge.

Schreiner, Capt Charles, Mansion_04 14 1975
Photo By Joe Grady Tuck – February 1975


Photo 2018
Marker By Front Double Doors

082Historical Marker Reads:

Captain Charles Schreiner

Enterprising businessman. Born in France. Moved (1852) to U.S. with parents. Served with distinction in Texas Rangers, 1854-1857. Fought with Confederacy in Civil War. In 1869 began general store in Kerrville. Activities expanded to include banking, ranching and marketing wool and mohair. He also started one of first wool and mohair warehouses in Texas. By 1900 he owned 600,000 acres of land and by 1945 his country store was one of most progressive in the southwest. Among his many philanthropic activities was the founding of Schreiner Institute (college)

National Register Property Marker Year 1975

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