First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville – Kerrville, Texas

This historical marker is located at 800 Jefferson Street in Kerrville, Texas. There are two markers at this location due to one of the buildings being a historical landmark. First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville began as a missionary effort of what was then known as the “Northern” Presbyterian Church. In 1888, evangelist Dr. William Buchanan serving in the “Northern” church’s Western Texas Presbytery came to Kerrville and organized First Presbyterian Church. 102Recorded Historical Landmark-1987104

103At that time the congregation met at the Old Union Church house, a community building housing several small congregations. First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville remained in the “Northern” church until 1899 when this congregation transferred into the “Southern” church, or as it was then known, the “Presbyterian Church in the United States.” By 1920 the church’s membership was 276.  098In 1948, Dr. William Logan was installed as Pastor. Bill Logan was a great teacher. A new educational building was constructed under his leadership at a cost of $35,000. This building is still very much in use today. Also under Bill’s leadership, a new church was planted in Fredericksburg: Memorial Presbyterian Church. By 1950, the congregation in Kerrville numbered around 500.100In 1956, First Presbyterian Church could claim over 650 members. In 1958, a new Fellowship Hall (now called Ryan Hall) was completed. 101Historical Marker Reads:

First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville

Early settlers to Kerrville met for worship services in the Union Church built in 1885. In
1888, seven charter members of the Presbyterian Congregation received funds to build
their own church. Through the years the congregation has grown along with the community, building new facilities to accommodate its membership and activities. Innovative outreach programs included radio broadcasts and services at ranching
communities west of Kerrville. The congregation continues to serve the community with
various activities including educational and outreach ministries.
Historical Marker Year 1996


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