Kerrville First United Methodist Church

This marker is located on 321 Thompson Drive in Kerrville Texas. The land that this church was built on was donated by it founder, Joshua D. Brown in 1856.


A church was built on the donated land in 1871 just to be destroyed by a storm 5 years later. The current church was established in 1970.


This is a beautiful church that offers many services for the community.


Historical Marker Reads:

Kerrville First United Methodist Church

Beginning in 1854, area residents were led by Methodist circuit riders in worship services at various homes or in a brush arbor. In 1858, the Kerrville area was included in the newly designated Rio Grande Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Members of Kerrville’s Methodist Congregation continued meeting in homes until 1871, when they constructed a wood frame church in downtown Kerrville. the building also served as a school and public meeting place but was destroyed later in a storm.

In 1876, the County Commissioners Court allowed local congregations to use the district courtroom for meetings and services. In 1885, the community constructed a union church building for use by several denominations, including the Methodists. Three years later, The Methodist Church had its first resident pastor, the Rev. F. S. Perrin, who led the congregation in choosing a site for a new church building. dedicated in 1892, the sanctuary at Sidney Baker and Jefferson Streets served a growing congregation. Numerous additions, including wings built in 1906, served as Sunday School rooms. The congregation constructed a new sanctuary there in 1927 and continued worshiping at that site until developing a new campus at 321 Thompson drive in the 1970s.

Kerrville First United Methodist Church has created strong education and service programs, including groups for men, women, youth and children. These have expanded along with the church’s membership. The church members continue to value their history, maintaining their traditions and creating new opportunities for service and worship.”

Recorded Year 2004

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