Zion Lutheran Church – Kerrville, Texas

This church is located at 624 Barnett Street in Kerrville Texas. I was surprised to find very little history about this church during my research. I was lucky enough to find some information on the Kerr County Historical Commission website. Not much though.


The congregation was established in 1898. Church members would meet at each others homes. The Union Church building is where services would be held until the Lutherans built their first sanctuary.


The first sanctuary was built on this site in 1916. The information on the markers states 1916 but the Kerr County Historical Commission states the sanctuary was built in 1913.


The website for this church has a lot of current events but does not give information about its history.


According to the website, the church is very involved with the community. They also have an education center. Overall the church is beautiful but I was disappointed that the history of how it came to be is not being shared.


Historical Marker Reads:
Zion Lutheran Church

This congregation has roots in worship services conducted in family homes as early as 1898 and was organized in 1901 with seven charter families. The Rev. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Hans Ernst Ermisch, who also assisted Lutheran parishes in neighboring communities, was pastor for the first two years. The congregation worshiped in Kerrville’s Union Church until a sanctuary was built in 1916 on this site. Through its programs of outreach and community assistance, Zion Lutheran Church remains a significant part of Kerrville’s social and religious heritage.

Recorded Marker Year 2001

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