Starkey Cemetery – Kerrville, Texas

Well this was an interesting find. This historical marker is located at 1480 Junction Hwy,  in between a Walmart and Discount Tire. Its like the parking lot was built around it. Once you drive in to the Walmart parking lot you cant miss.


I couldn’t enter the cemetery so I did my best to take pictures through the fence. The first person to be buried here would be Jones Starkey who died in 1868 which would have made him just 6 years old. His parents are also buried in this cemetery.

There are only 11 grave sites in this cemetery. One grave site belongs to Daniel B. Lowrance who was murdered in 1870. The accused murderer was never brought to justice. Its kinda sad that there are businesses around this cemetery. Its like so much is happening around that people don’t even know it’s there anymore. It is important to know that most of the people buried here were some of the great pioneers of Kerr County.


Historical Marker Reads:

Starkey Cemetery

This burial ground began as a family plot for the James Monroe and Martha Adeline (Rees) Starkey family. The first burial was for their son, Jones Starkey (d. 1868). J.M. Starkey, who came here in 1854, was Kerr County’s first assessor and collector, and later, Chief Justice; he was vital in Kerr County’s organization. The Gibbens, Lowrance and Rees families are the only others represented. Although few in number, the interred individuals’ contributions were invaluable; they served as civic leaders, mill builders and operators, ranchers, government officials, Texas rangers, and civil war veterans. Today, Starkey Cemetery remains a record of noted pioneers who made vital contributions to Kerr County.

Marker Year 2009

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