Marnoch Homestead – Helotes,Texas

This Historical Marker is located at 15350 Scenic Loop Road. More than 1500 acres of land was purchased by Scottish immigrant and surgeon, Dr. George F. Marnoch in 1858. In 1859,  he had this two-and-a-half-story limestone house built by famed architect, John M. Fries. After his death, his son Gabriel, a renowned naturalist, inherited the … Continue reading Marnoch Homestead – Helotes,Texas


Helotes – Helotes, Texas

The Helotes Historical Marker is located at 14464 Old Bandera Rd, right next door to Floore's Country Store. The Gugger Homestead Historical Marker is also located in this very spot. Helotes is located approximately 20 miles Northwest of downtown San Antonio. The Helotes name actually means “corn-on-the-cob,” in Spanish.  Corn has played a great part … Continue reading Helotes – Helotes, Texas